Automotive Solutions services Florida, based in the Tampa Bay area with a combined 60 years of experience in performance and the aftermarket automotive industry. Teamed up with top of the line manufacturers such as Audison and Hertz Audio, Pioneer Mobile Electronics, Escort Radar, Stinger Radar, ADV.1 Wheels, Magnaflow, Fabspeed Motorsports, Cognito, Fabtech, Meisterschaft, Xpel Paint Protection, 3M, and Avery vinyl wraps, we strive to accomplish cutting edge design along with a personalized customer service. Whether you are looking for audio, video, navigation, radar systems, custom wheels and tires, suspension lifts, paint protection, vehicle wrap color change, hydrographics, powder coating, custom interior, paint and body repair, metal design & fabrication, welding, engine upgrades, or a full classic restoration, we are the solution to all of your automotive needs.

We also offer a full line of detailing services including Wash and Wax, Compounding, Wet Sanding, Ceramic Pro 9h Coating, Buffing, Paint Correction and Restoration, along with Vinyl and Leather Dying and Repair. Feel free to browse our Instagram and Facebook pages below for photos and information about current inprogress projects and past completed projects.

Serving Pinellas County and Surrounding Areas - 727.647.3267

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